WSJ Book Review: ‘Stress Test’ by Timothy F

I wish someone would answer that one guy’s comment on the wsj book review. I would, but I don’t have the time to argue with someone on the internet this weekend. :(

WSJ Book Review: Editor Divulges Juicy Details

, published by Basic Books, is now outin paperback, with a foreword by Bill Gates. A summary is available and in the . Felix Salmon, Tyler Cowen, Nancy Birdsall, Jeni Klugman and Bill Easterly were kind enough to provide . So far, the book has been discussed/reviewed in , the , the , the , , the , , the , and the . says the book is "an insightful examination... A poignant and optimistic rebuttal to critics of global development." , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and say (mostly) nice things, too. Patcrick Corcoran says nice things . Anne-Marie Slaughter tweeted it was a "." Bjorn Lomborg and Steven Pinker it to Foreign Policy as a best book of 2011 and Foreign Affairs it as one of the of 2011 (see Richard Cooper's ). Bill Gates said "it's a fantastic way of looking at what has happened over the last 50 years, and really takes the debate about aid is totally good, aid is totally a waste and ." And then he said a of too in a WSJ book review, in a speech to the World Health Assembly and around the launch of his . The Washington Diplomat did a long writeup of me and the book . Foreign Policy features Getting Better in its Book Club series , the Globalist has it as its book of the week , I discuss the Africa bits with All Africa , and I did a 'book chat' with David Leonhardt of the NYT and he was kind enough to name it (the LA Public Library system included it in their , too). I also discussed optimism in general with the NYT's Mark Bittman .

Gen. Jack Keane's WSJ Book Review: 'Duty' By Robert Gates

WSJ Book Review Takes on

This past Easter Sunday Dad included a clipping of a WSJ book review of a biography on the early life of TS Eliot. Why? He remembered that I had used a quote from Eliot’s “Four Quartets” in my CMC yearbook 33 years ago! Since I couldn’t remember the quote, earlier this week I pull out that dusty yearbook and here is what I found: