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The type of book will determine the type of information that is important. For example, if a student writes a book report on a , then the different and important parts of the person’s life should be in the report.

Teitelbaum, Harry. How to Write Book Reports. 3rd ed. New York: Macmillan, 1998.

When given a task of writing a book report most students give a deep sigh in response. The reason for this is quite simple – they are just not sure where to start and feel overwhelmed. In the meantime, writing book reports can be fun, and we are serious about it! The transformation of attitude towards book report writing can only occur as a result of practice, practice and practice. It all starts off with a feeling of burden and an obstacle that seems unavoidable. As time passes and you train to write more and more book reports, you will find that the process gets more interesting. There are not so many people out there who enjoy writing per se. If you are one of them, then you are lucky – you get a kick out of the process. Other students enjoy the research process itself and the facts they discover in the course. You can find something interesting about any book. Try digging up some of such facts, they will make your book report ‘juicier’; will get your reader interested in reading your report from beginning to end; and – who knows – it might get you an extra credit for additional research.

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Make writing a book report on a work of fiction a little easier with this template.

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