Writing a CriticalBook Review in History, by John Jones

How to write a critical book review

Write a critical book review that includes the basics about the book, and provides negative or positive comments about each element of the book. Avoid writing a completely negative book review, which is rarely helpful, with advice from a writing instructor in this free video writing lesson.

Expert: Laura Minnegerode
Bio: Laura Minnigerode is a writing instructor and former classroom teacher.
Filmmaker: Todd Green

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Limit the Critique
The most important step in writing a critical book review is to limit the critique to the most important aspects of the author's work. To do this, the critic must ask the correct questions about the book and then answer them by means of critical analysis and evaluation of the author's main point and literary effectiveness. The following are some suggestions that can help guide the critic in the work of developing a critical book review:

Guidelines for Writing a Critical Book Review

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Almost two months ago I was interviewed for an article that was to appear in an . It was a great opportunity to participate in the interview, and provided to me a great set of thought provoking questions. The interview went a bit long, so some of the questions and answers had to be trimmed from the printed NoCOUG Jornal newsletter article (, Chen, and the other responsible parties did a fantastic job of picking the best answers for inclusion). The picture used in the article… let’s just say that of the 50 or so pictures that I reviewed for submission, it was the only one that effectively hid my gray hair, where I did not show either a distressed (or puzzled) expression or appear that I had just spent eight hours writing a critical book review (is that a hint that another book review is in the process of being put together?).