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It's important to remember that when assigned to write a college book report, one isn't being asked to write a book review. These are two completely different disciplines. A book review is more of an opinion piece where the reader's affection or dislike for a story is the focus. When writing college book reports, the reader is asked to almost dissect the mind of the author to understand and then explain how each of the parts of a story come together. From the setting to the plot to the characters, one must be able to show how each of these independent components work together to create a successful structure.

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One method of remembering where key examples are located in the story is to place sticky-notes or taped pieces of paper when something worth noting is found. This will pave the way for easy recall when it comes time to sit down and write a college book report.

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Jeez! This is why I always hated Hip-Hop Connection...nerdy (often white) guys TOTALLY over-analyzing Hip-Hop albums as if they were writing a college book report. "Within the framework he gives us, it's possible - though still pretty difficult - to excuse the excesses of a track like 'Givin' Up the Nappy Dug Out'. WTF?! It's a song by a 22-year old guy about pu$'s not a thesis on world hunger. You're obviously a very talented writer, but boy do you remind me of all the H.O.P and Cypress t-shirt wearing white kids I knew at school that debated about Illmatic, Stress: The Extinction Agenda and '93 'til Infinity in their comfortable suburban homes while everyone else was just out on the street enjoying the albums.