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In the late-90's, founder Montes worked as a journalist for and . In 1998 Montes began to work for a web consulting firm, and hoped to work in film animation. Montes started Weekly Comic Book Review with his first post on January 17 of 2008 posting under the name deamentia. In the following months, Montes began recruiting members of the comic community to write for his blog. His life came to a tragic end in January 2009 and the blog lost soon its domain. According to Weekly Comic Book Review, their domain expired and was purchased by a domain reseller who requested a large sum for the name. On April 20, 2009 the magazine received an anonymous donation and was able to buy back their domain.

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McSoss, created by Paul McGinty and Ian Sharpley, started as a webcomic in 2008 and has grown, not only as a comic strip, but into weekly comic book reviews and a fan favorite podcast co-hosted by Matt Casale. If you like comics, pop culture and comedy, McSoss is for you..

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