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(This is the conclusion of a WALL STREET JOURNAL book review by Barton Swain of a new book entitled JESUS by Jay Parini.) “But the real trouble with Mr. Parini’s stance isn’t so much its incoherence as its banality. It’s the same with all attempts...

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Much of Fast Guys, Rich Guys and Idiots is told from the bucket seat of an ex-NASCAR Oldsmobile once driven by the legendary Dale Earnhardt. The great Brock Yates, in the Wall Street Journal Book Review, called the original version one of the five best books ever written about motorsports. Fast Guys Remastered is even better.

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Fulbright Scholar Laura J. Snyder is Professor of Philosophy at St. John's University in New York City. She received her B.A. from Brandeis University and her M.A. and Ph.D., as well as a Certificate in History and Philosophy of Science, from The Johns Hopkins University. Snyder is a Life Member of Clare Hall College, Cambridge, and served as President of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS) in 2009 and 2010. Her most recent book, The Philosophical Breakfast Club: Four Remarkable Friends who Transformed Science and Changed the World (Broadway Books, 2011; paperback 2012), was a Scientific American Notable Book, an Official Selection of the TED Book Club, and winner of the 2011 Royal Institution of Australia Poll for Favorite Science Book. It appeared in Italian as Il Club dei Filosofi che Volevano Cambiare il Mondo (Newton Compton, 2011). She is a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal book review section. In 2012 Snyder gave a at the TED Global meeting in Edinburgh.

Snyder is also the author of Reforming Philosophy: A Victorian Debate on Science and Society (University of Chicago Press, 2006). She is currently writing a book about the relation between science, especially optics, and art in the seventeenth century.

Praise for The Philosophical Breakfast Club: