The New York Times Book Review, May 23, 2010

Why are 90% of the books reviewed by the New York Times Book Review from white authors? What's going on behind the scenes to create such an unrepresentative body of reviews for an increasingly diverse nation of consumers?

The year’s best books, selected by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.

"Regency romance with secrets, hidden rooms, charmers and rogues, and of course, romance. Julie Klassen has hit this one out of the ballpark!”
--Romantic Times Book Reviews about

Big changes at the New York Times book review.

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With the scheduled July 27 demise of the Sunday LA Times Book Review looming ever closer,
this past Monday morning former LA Times Book Review editor, and three other former editors of the Book Review section—Sonja Bolle, Jack Miles, and Digby Diehl—wrote an open letter protesting the loss and urging people to join in the protest. They sent the thing to a list of publications ranging from our local blogs to the New York Times. followed by a short piece in There was a mention in This morning, Inside Higher Ed ran an sparked by the letter. And when I last checked, the cultural reporter at the Lehr News Hour expressed an interest in running a small story on the issue.

In its 33-year history, the LA Times Sunday Book Review has admittedly never turned a profit. But neither does the business section or sports section (as Wasserman reminded me). The idea has always been that the high interest sections of the paper such as sports, business, books and opinion are part of the package that draws readers. The April 2015 edition of Romantic Times Book Reviews, a monthly magazine dedicated to the romance-novel industry, featured an article I wrote about the inspiration for my debut romance, “In His Corner.”The New York Times Book Review for 2015 has chosen Lillian Faderman's ""The Gay Revolution: The Story of the Struggle," published by Simon & Schuster, as one of it's 100 most notable books of 2015.