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[…] Erik of This Kid Reviews Books and his little sister pull off some really good costuming! Click here to see why this kid is growing up awesome. As a grown up, I’ve actually bought and read some […]

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Erik is an twelve-year-old middle schooler that loves to read. He started his blog, This Kid Reviews Books when he was nine. Erik writes a monthly book review column for a local free newspaper. He has a black belt in TaeKwon-Do and in his spare time enjoys building things out of LEGOs. He hopes to be an inventor and a published author when he grows up.

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Hi everyone! My name is Erik, and I write a blog called This Kid Reviews Books. As you may have realized from the blog name, I review books. I am a 13 year old Middle School student. Today, I have the pleasure of co-posting an article about kids becoming published authors with Mia Wenjen of the fabulous blog, Pragmatic Mom. I’ve been blogging about books for four years now and I have learned a TON about the publishing world because of my blog. For kids wanting to become traditionally published authors, just like for adults, it is very difficult to “break into the business.” It may even be harder for kids, because we are competing against adults. Adults who have been writing for years. Not only that, I’ve found it’s hard to get a publisher or agent to take you seriously. Having said that, there are kids who are traditionally published authors or who have literary agents who represent them, so there is hope! Plus being a part of the writing community when you are young really helps you gain skills and learn what you need to be doing.

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