Ray Bradbury drawing from the NY Times Book Review.

As it is in theatre, a positive review from the New York Times can make or break a book's success, but in a recent Paper article, Kramer harshly criticizes the Times book reviews for what he calls a lack of understanding and empathy for what gay writers are trying to do and say, and critics from other publications that he suggests look to the Times for guidance.

My joy comes from the last two paragraphs of stories in the Times Book Review

But this is Reviewends, a column about how the Times Book Review loves to save all its criticism for (usually) the second-to-last paragraph of a review, only to gently walk part of that critique back in a conclusion that begs, “blurb me on the paperback.”

I read the Times book reviews just to see

my mother and one of my cousins would read the NY Times Book Review section of the Sunday NYT almost religiously, as do many others.