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One year into , tablet-laptop hybrids are a dime a dozen. But the HP EliteBook Revolve 810 feels like a new spin on that old swivel-top design. It has plenty of company already, several examples of which are from Lenovo: the , the , and the , the Twist being a very similar product to the Revolve in many ways with its own swivel-screen design.

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I remember the fondly: it was a compact business ultrabook that felt rock-solid and surprisingly comfortable. The EliteBook Revolve isn't the Folio reborn, but it has a bit of that feel in a smaller 11.6-inch laptop. It also happens to transform into a multitouch , unlike other hybrids that are more like tablets that add separate keyboards to pretend to be laptops. The is an example of an Atom-powered tablet with laptoplike extras; the EliteBook Revolve 810, on the other hand, is a more expensive, ultrabook-level performance device on par with the Surface Pro and a host of other laptops like the Yoga 11S and the ThinkPad Twist and Helix.

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Well, that’s easy to explain. lrh was in the elite Book Review Force in the Pacific Theatre of Operations. Many books were heroically reviewed under horrific jungle conditions, thereby saving the Allies from the onslaught of unreviewed books disseminated by the Axis. And lrh kept on reviewing unselfishly, even with a crippling limp. I think he got a medal for it.