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The Cay Book Review by Jasmine Dalton on Prezi

The Cay book review
I wonder what it would feel like to be blind or be stranded on an island with a stranger you don’t know. I would say this is a historical fiction book. The theme of this book is a survival book becuase it is a thing you had to like make a fire, be ready, and have food.
The setting of this story is in 1942, during the World war 2 and during segrigation. ”Like silent, hungrey sharks that swim in darkness of the sea, the Germans submarines arrived in the middle of the night. This is a quote that shows it is World War 2.
The main charater in this story is Phillip. He is an ordniary boy that likes to play. He finds out that he has to leave for Virgnia. While he and his mother is getting onborad BAM!!! A torpeado the ship and Phillip meets Timothy. He helped Pillip make stuff when they were on the island.
The event you will like is when the hurricane part

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The Cay book review