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This draft non-technical book reviews the general way of thinking behind OpenCog, as well as lots of Ben Goertzel’s thoughts about the Singularity, AI for life extension, how the brain works and so forth: (Note, this is not for public distribution – it’s a draft being provided for AGI Summer School students only !)

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Provided technical consulting, programming, database development, technical book reviews and technical due diligence to numerous companies. Project details and customer names and contact information for reference can be provided upon request.

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Technical Book Reviews

This has been an interesting journey, from writing an occasional book review on this site, then realizing that I had a lot of books in my library and creating The PhotoBook, a separate blog focused on just photobooks that dealt with projects, series or monographs. There seemed to be enough photographic technical book reviews available and these books were not interesting to me (not that I had not accumulated enough of those books as well over the years). So thanks to those who endured my basic criticism & writing skills early on, which I have found is much akin to photography itself, you need to practice, study, think, reflect and be open to feedback, achieve a certain level of competency, then work like hell some more.