Publishers wishing to submit books for review can send copies to:

(M) How are books selected for review? How do I go about doing getting my book reviewed? We regularly receive books for review by many of the major romance publishers. Some of our reviewers purchase books they want to read and review those, too. We review more than 50 books a month, many sent by publishers, but some sent by authors. Guidelines for publishers and authors to submit books for review can be found on our page entitled

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Publishers who wish to submit books for review should mail them to George J. Leonard, Professor of Interdisciplinary Humanities, 411 Humanities, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway, San Francisco, California 94132. We cannot correspond directly with authors, only with publishers. No self-published or “vanity press” work can be reviewed.

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Submit books for review to:

Publishers or authors wishing to submit books for review should contact the editors. Please note, before approaching us, that the publishing house must be a print publisher, pay advances and issue royalty statements, edit books, create covers, neither solicit nor accept financial payments from its authors, never copyright an author's title under the publisher's name, and never expect or ask authors to buy a certain number of copies of the author's books. As a general rule we will only consider books for review which have been published by publishers listed on the Mystery Writers of America approved list. We can never guarantee that a review will appear. And our reviewers are given a free rein to express their opinions constructively and honestly.