How do I submit a book for review consideration

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 Detailed guidance for those wishing to submit Book Reviews and Review Essays is .

: We welcome submission of scholarly articles of 4,000-6,000 words (excluding references and other supplementary material) in the following categories: (1) research reports of empirical studies, typically in qualitative research orientation, (2) literature-based articles advancing theories and scholarship of multicultural education, and (3) praxis articles discussing successful multicultural education programs or instructional strategies. All scholarly articles should be prepared in the IJME Article Template () and submitted directly to the journal website following the submission guidelines.
: Submission of professional and juvenile book reviews is also accepted. Books for review should address general multicultural education themes or specific topics for special issues. Following instructions available from the , reviewers should prepare their review of 800-1,500 words in the format of the already published IJME book review. Authors may submit book reviews through our online system by becoming a registered user. Interested reviewers may first contact book review editors: for professional book reviews and Dr. Kathy Pegler at for juvenile literature. All authors and book reviewers must carefully consider all items in the Submission Preparation Checklist before submitting their work. Submissions not following the guidelines will not be processed.

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**Note: Anyone is welcome to write and submit book reviews! For more information, please contact the parish office.

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