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Submitting your book for review is easy. Simply create a new project in your BookLife account, and then click the “Submit Project for PW Review Consideration” button to begin the BookLife review submission process of your completed project. Much of the information we need will be automatically filled in using the project and account information you have already provided. You will have the option to review and change any field—the book’s title, its cover image, the price; anything—before you finish. We also encourage you to include a brief summary of your project, such as a press release or promotional copy.

How do I submit a book for review consideration

For a book to be eligible for review consideration through BookLife, it must be available for purchase in the United States. BookLife was built to assist individual authors and illustrators with submitting their books for review consideration; if you are a publisher dealing with several authors, please use PW’s . Note: You may not submit through both BookLife and GalleyTracker; if you do, your book will be removed from consideration.

Guidelines for submitting a book for review at BookBrowse.

Submit Book for Review

PW Review Consideration is FREE!
You do not have to pay anything to submit your book for review consideration. There is no cost associated with submitting your book, or any aspect of the reviewing process should your book be chosen for review.