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Without a doubt, the biggest hurdle for students in writing book reviews was providing evidence. We referred back to the concept of audience as we tried to push them to provide text evidence for their opinions. We had them talk with a partner to practice giving evidence orally, and we created the chart below to give them some stems for providing evidence in their reviews.

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Teachers need to be aware of the emotional , intellectual , and physical changes that young adults experience. And they also need to give serious 1 to how they can be best 2 such changes . Growing bodies need movement and exercise , but not just in ways that emphasize competition . 3 they are adjusting to their new bodies and a whole host of new intellectual and emotional challenges , teenagers are especially self-conscious and need the confidence that comes from achieving success and knowing that their accomplishments are 4 by others . However , the typical teenage lifestyle is already filled with so much competition that it would be wise to plan activities in which there are more winners than losers , 5 , publishing newsletters with many student written book reviews , displaying student artwork , and sponsoring book discussion clubs . A variety of small clubs can provide 6 Opportunities for leadership , as well as for practice in successful 7 dynamics . Making friends is extremely important to teenagers , and many shy students need the 8 of some kind of organization with a supportive adult 9 visible in the background .

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