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Book report is one of the most important ways to test your knowledge of an assigned book. Still, since book reports require writing, students who lack proper writing abilities will not demonstrate their writing talents and therefore, may not get a good grade even if they actually read the book.
Book reports are descriptive essays covering a book. It is represented by the question “What is the book about?” Book reviews, on the other hand are expected to be more persuasive, therefore, they are represented by the question “Why should a reader read or not read this books?”. Book reports and book reviews, both have summary and commentary sections. Book reviews allow students to show what they have read and how they understand the book, while book reports allow students to demonstrate their good memory of the text, and factual information.
Most professors may require their own specific format for a book report, so it is always a good idea to check what they expect, first. The general structure of a book report or a book review is presented below.
Introduction. This part introduces the book, and provides some basic information about it. A students should always include in the introduction book report the following information.

Structure of a book report What are the books strengths and weaknesses

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A look at the basic structure of a book report is telling

Use this flipbook organizer to scaffold the structure of a Book Report