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Hello friends. I am a graduate student from uk. I got a work from my collage to write the sociology book review. I think it’s an interesting work. Because of the book review writing will help me to know so many things about the book. So I feel it’s very useful task. And I want to write my book review in myself. But I don’t know how to start the review. Please share me the book review writing format... !! It’s very urgent task friends. So please share it very fast .Thank you….

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Don’t worry about the sociology book review. A book review is a serious appraisal of a book. It is dissimilar than a book report. A book report just summarizes the major thoughts of a book, whereas your work is to assess critically the excellence of a work. Just as a film review is not future as a alternate for seeing a movie, a book review should not be a alternate for interpretation a book. Instead, you are to counsel potential readers whether or not they should use their time reading a book. You are predictable to present your own view of the work, but your view wants to be beached and protected through a serious conversation and appraisal of the author’s work.

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The Sociology Book Review