A short story book report can be presented in many different forms

If you do not present these points in your short story book report, even the most creative form will not help you get a good grade.

Writing Effective Short Story Book Reports

A short story book report should not be a too tricky task for you to complete, because you will not have to study and discuss some long, complicated novels.

You will deal with short stories that can be up to 10 pages long.

This means that you do not need to spend much time on reading, but have more time to think over your short story book report.

Nowadays, all students try to be creative, and actually it is quite easy to show creativity when it comes to short story book reports.

All you need to do is decide on some unusual form of your short story book report. Here we have listed some popular forms you can use to prepare a book report:

How To Write A Short Story Book Report

Conclude the short story book report with your overall impressions from the story, some recommendations, etc.

What about some formal rules for writing short book reports? Actually, they are almost the same as for writing ordinary book reports. However, we will definitely remind you them and explain how to write a great short story book report.

Short story book reports: introduction

Start with general facts about the story: its author’s name and title, genre, date of publication. Say a few words about the story’s main message or central themes.

Short story book reports: body paragraphs

In the body, you have to summarize your short story, explain its main conflict, and analyze the writing style. Do not forget to add your personal comments (answers to the questions above will work quite well).

Short story book reports: conclusions

In this final paragraph, you may restate your opinion about the story, recommend reading it, etc.

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