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A series of short book review by Professor Jeremy Black looking at: 1. The Family. A World History, 2. The Weimar Republic, 3. Worlds of Arthur, 4. Blood Cries Afar. The Forgotten Invasion of England 1216, 5. 1990. Russians Remember a Turning Point, 6. War in Ancient Greece, 7. Why Hell Stinks of Sulfur, 8. Chinese Lives, 9. The Principles of Arab Navigation, 10. A Concise History of Switzerland.Â

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The Journal of International Criminal Justice publishes both short book reviews (500-600 words) and longer review essays (1,500-2,000 words).

Qualified individuals are invited to submit review essays and short reviews to the journal. If you are interested in reviewing a title, please contact the Book Review Editor, Professor Fannie Lafontaine, and the assistant to the book review section, Ms Anhared Price, for a list of titles that may be available for review, by writing at .

Potential reviewers are required to send in their CV and a brief explanation of how their academic and/or professional background demonstrates the qualifications necessary to review a title in the field of international criminal law and justice. In addition, please provide the following information: name; institutional affiliation; language competency; and contact details. Doctoral and postdoctoral students are invited to submit proposals for short reviews.

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The surplus stock of the older Volumes of Short Book Reviews will be sold as complete Volumes only.
The price is €10 per Volume. From Volume 19 (1999) on, single issues are available.