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The show is divided into two parts, with the first floor hosting the series Two legs bad, four legs good and the second floor showcasing the models of their most well-known pieces — a mini-Chapman-land of sorts. Works like Hell, Sex, Death and Übermensch are deconstructed in a crude and makeshift fashion, giving the models a naive, even cute makeover, like the shoebox book report of a gradeschooler. And indeed, Fuckface is much less intimidating when his penis-nose is made out of a toilet paper roll. Which is not to say that you shouldn’t be alarmed if your kid made a piece like Migraine, with its worms crawling out of a horned skull. That is to say, the models are by no means stripped of their gruesomeness — it just takes longer to see how disturbing an image of cruelty and horror they represent. It’s not only the DIY materials, but also the pieces’ size that alter the nature of their reception. The model of the Chapman Family Collection, for example, transforms a group of totem and fetish ghouls with McDonald's wrappers into play characters on a board game.


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