Below is an example of my School Bus Book Report grading rubric:

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This part of High School book reports presents the most general information on the book:

Notice that the criteria of such an assignment far exceed the requirements for book reports, with which you are probably familiar from high school. A high school book report merely asks you to summarize the contents of a book and to conclude with your subjective opinion on whether you "liked" the book, and why. Such a high school-level book report is not a book review, which requires far more. Again: for a book review, you need to establish the argument(s) of the book you are writing on, the manner in which the author attempts to support that argument, and his or her success in so doing.

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A school book report template is a document which serves as a guide to the creation of a school student’s book report. This analyses the narrative, skill and technique used by an author in writing a book and the template outlines the ways in which this analysis can be presented by the student. The template must show how the report can be divided into various parts in an organized way.Next for the school book report is the body, comprised of two sections. In the first section of the school book report, you explain what the book is about and in the second, your opinion of the book. Next, the school book report would include the analysis and evaluation. The purpose of this section is for you to critique the book, writing about your opinions and explaining but also supporting the examples you give. The school book report has the conclusion, which is a few sentences tying everything together.