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This article examines the status of the book review as a form of scholarly publication in the humanities, looking at the role and characteristics of humanities book reviews and at who writes them and why. It examines evidence for the influence and impact of book reviews in the humanities and makes suggestions for the future of the scholarly book review in an online information environment.

 Scholarly Book Reviews are about the book's treatment of the Topic not about the Topic.

Lastly, the book review serves several purposes for the reviewers. Publishing a scholarly book review allows the reviewer to contribute to the professional literature by acting as an entrusted critic with the responsibility of informing the readership of seminal works and warning it of inaccurate scholarship., Publishing book reviews is also an exercise of self-education. Many reviewers welcome the opportunity to stay current by reading a newly released text and enjoy practicing their critical faculties. Academic authorities have proposed that writing a book review may be an excellent first publication experience for the novice writer., , , , , , , For experienced book reviewers, however, it may be their altruistic commitment to scholarship and the honor of being asked to review a book that may motivate them.

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Remember there is a difference between a Scholarly Book Review, a Literature Review and a Critical Review

Denis Collins (2003) “,” , 13(3), 403-411. A scholarly book review discussion of Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny by Robert Wright and Thunder from the East: Portrait of a Rising Asia by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

Reviews in scholarly journals evaluate books and the research, theory, andmethodology therein. Scholarly reviews also discuss how the book relates toother books on the subject. These lengthy reviews allow readers to stay currentwith research and thought in their field even if it is outside their direct areaof interest and they are unlikely to read the entire book. Some of theways to locate scholarly book reviews in history are:Many of the Libraries' index scholarly book reviews. In fact, these databases are often the preferred way to find book reviews because they cover (or index) the peer-reviewed literature of a given discipline, and reviews published in peer-reviewed journals generally do the best job of situating books within wider disciplinary debates. For example, to find reviews of United States history books written by historians a user should search the library databases and/or . Keep in mind that most databases allow users to limit their searches to book reviews only.