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I didn’t really do much content review. The most review I did was when reviewing rationale of questions I got wrong and questions I was unsure of. If I still felt like I needed more fine tuning regarding the topic at hand, I’d crack open my Saunders NCLEX review book.

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Hello everyone. I see there are still some questions from people about Excelsior's program and study material. I graduated last year from Excelsior and after first being sucked in by Distance Learning Systems (and getting out of the once I proved their material was inaccurate and did not help with the exams) I merely went thru the exams by downloaing the free course outline and then purchasing the study guides from My study group 101. These are updated constantly and the only thing I really needed to use. The other things I used were my Saunders NCLEX Review book and the free references thru the Excelsior online . Yes I did purchase a couple of text books but really didn't use them!

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There are also questions you wont find in the basic saunders NCLEX review book