A sample book review from another local woman:

The following sample book review came from a local man who read the first draft of the manuscript. This was actually the first reader review I received. Later, he gave another review, posted on page.

Notice in the above sample of book review writing that the reader pointed out what appealed to her.

Reviews may arrive from anywhere. This is a great sample book review because the person quotes her own experience and relates it to the novel.

sample book review format Source:

My  containing very descriptive writing. You may wish to read that sample book review page as well.

Near the bottom of the page you’ll find comments from a Hollywood screenwriter who got hold of my book. Wow! It’s more than just a sample book review.

Example of book review formats follow below. Actually, no formats exist, but a similarity runs through them all. These sample book review blurbs come from those who care to promote a writer they like.
As far as I can tell, most people leave more reviews on Amazon than on Barnes & Noble. A sample book review for nearly any book can be found on Amazon.
Each sample book review presented here is a great example of descriptive writing. They come from the heart. They represent what people think about this particular book, my first novel, .
The writer of the next sample book review was the winner of our very own First Chapter of a Novel contest, with his novel, . He was so surprised to win that he had to purchase my book to see who I was. His all-inclusive, mind-boggling, review came as a total and welcomed surprise.
I knew Bill Robinson from an online workshop. He ordered a book directly from me so I could autograph his copy. His sample book review gives a hint that he might be somewhat widely read.Pick one sample book review that appeals to you from among those presented and emulate it. It takes no time to write a sample book review. Who knows? You may have written the real thing and will post it somewhere.