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We receive thousands of review requests each month and because of space limitations in RT Book Reviews magazine, only a very small percentage will make it into the magazine.

Truly exceptional submissions may be considered for a feature in RT Book Reviews Magazine.

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"If you haven’t been reading Brennan’s truly exceptional Lucy Kincaid/Sean Rogan series, then you have been missing out. Events that have been fomenting over the last few books now reach the boiling point, forcing betrayals and hidden connections into the open. In this mind-blowing installment, Brennan also gives readers a fascinating look into the mindset of her epic villains. A chilling thrill-fest from beginning to end.”

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There's all this and more between the pages of the January 2012 issue of RT BOOK REVIEWS. You can also and get access to RT's Bonus Content coming next week. Until then, here's a sneak peak at the February issue's Table of Contents!

In addition to knitting together its readers with such events, RT has also embraced a changing market. For the first decade or so, the magazine focused exclusively on romance novels. During the ’90s, covers were often simply reproductions of the book of the month — kitschy paintings of swooning women and swashbuckling men. As detectives and corporate criminals, as well as angels and vampires, began to creep into romance readers’ diet of books, Romantic Times incorporated these other genres and became RT Book Reviews.While I was reading the Ruth Wind/Barbara Samuel book listed below, I was also reading a recent issue of RT Book Reviews. I noticed something that surprised me. Almost all of the novels in their historical romance section were set in the Regency era. A goodly 80%, and most of the rest were set in […]A place where RT BOOK REVIEWS magazine readers can discuss the latest issue. Want to talk about a Top Pick? Does a feature especially interest you? Join the discussion here to let everyone know!In celebration of the RWA national convention in our hometown this year, we're offering new subscribers a FREE 1-year (12 issue) digital subscription to RT Book Reviews magazine!