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And even if this made no difference to anyone who is considering downloading a free copy (or purchasing) the Book of Mormon, it inspired almost 300 members to think what they honestly feel about the Book of Mormon and record it online. This I think is a great success. To write your testimony and leave your authentic review of the Book of Mormon, please click here:

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Later in this chapter, Bushman falls into the same school of thought (a tired one in my opinion) that Joseph was incapable of writing the book because his neighbors described him as lazy and without intellect (the same accounts that are quickly brushed aside if they testify that the Smith family was anything but a fine, upstanding American family), and that the Book of Mormon is just too "complex" for a man without letters to accomplish. I want to grab Bushman and have him read Joseph's own mother's account regarding how he could entertain the family for hours spinning tales about the Indians that inhabited the land. And I'd like him to read all the critical reviews of the Book of Mormon that make it clear that it is hardly "complex," (I once wrote an essay in response to this claim of complexity, which I'll try to dredge up and post). In fact, it is linear, dull and with characters who are so exaggerated as to suggest that they (the heroes and the villains both) were the product of a childish imagination, and not a skilled writer. I flat out challenge the notion that the book is complex.

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