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That's a great question! We use an element of quasi-seniority based on post count, participation in the forums and number of previously approved reviews to deal with this issue. New review opportunities are first shown to reviewers who have already submitted a review. This gives reviewers whose work has already been checked first dibs. Needless to say, we expect that the highest paid reviews will go first. As a new reviewer, your first review will almost certainly not be a paid review but just a review in exchange for a free book -- which is still a great offer. (In fact, we used to run the system only as free books in exchange for reviews but the demand was so high for reviews we needed to start paying reviewers.) This means your first couple reviews will act sort of like a trial run in which we can make sure you are capable of reading a book and writing an honest review. As you finish reviews, you will have access to the new review requests and the chance to take a paid review opportunity. Also, we do require you to have a post count of 5 on the forums before we will let you claim a free book, so that the community has a little chance to get to know you before you start giving official reviews. Similarly, until you have established yourself by officially reviewing free books for us, you can also improve your standing by participating in the community which is free and involves things as simple as chatting about reading or posting unofficial reviews of other books you have already read.