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Avoid chatspeak, and check for spelling and grammar errors. Nothing will turn off a reviewer quicker than opening up a query to read "id lke 2 have U review my book plz."

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6) Sit back and wait. Some reviewers will never respond; others may take months (or even years) to review your book. When your book is reviewed, the publication will usually send you a tearsheet of the review; you can then use those comments (presuming they're positive!) in your ongoing promotional efforts. Don't bother following up; no reviewer wants to hear from a self-publisher asking "are you going to review my book?" (If you have to call, the answer is likely to be NO.)

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Agreed, now review my book!

So far, I’ve not had trouble getting people to write reviews of my book. In fact, on my blog and Google+ account I asked for people who’d be interested in reading a “complimentary review copy” so long as they went and wrote a review on Amazon once it was published. About 20 people responded, I sent them a PDF of the final draft, and also, many wrote me of the typos and errors I had missed–so it was like crowd sourcing the proofreading. Also, one of the people who responded was a professional editor as well.