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Welcome to your one stop for professional reviews of books. What we've attempted to accomplish here is to collect book reviews from major online media sites that are available without having to register at a site or pay to read them. We're not interested in just a short blurb or small section of someone else's review. We try to find full-length reviews of books that help the reader gather the information they seek to determine if the book is worth their time. We prefer reviews that deal with each book at length, but sometimes settle for smaller reviews when lengthier ones are unavailable. For each book listed here, we try to find at least three reviews on different web sites. This way you can read as many of them as you'd like before deciding on a book. We also write our own book reviews. An Editor's Pick logo is also applied to any book we've read and enjoyed. The lack of this logo for any book usually just means we haven't read the book.

Welcome to your one stop for professional reviews of books

In short, we get to know you when you post your own reviews of books you have already read, review free books for us and chat in our forums. More importantly, the community of book lovers gets to know you and respect your opinion as an internet friend and that is why an honest review from you will become valuable enough to pay for.

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However, initially we’ll recommend that you look at doing a single review at a time. Once you’ve decided you like reviewing books, then we can look at the possibility of providing you with two or more books at the same time for review purposes.