Never review a book you haven’t read at least once and understood.

Lastly, the book review serves several purposes for the reviewers. Publishing a scholarly book review allows the reviewer to contribute to the professional literature by acting as an entrusted critic with the responsibility of informing the readership of seminal works and warning it of inaccurate scholarship., Publishing book reviews is also an exercise of self-education. Many reviewers welcome the opportunity to stay current by reading a newly released text and enjoy practicing their critical faculties. Academic authorities have proposed that writing a book review may be an excellent first publication experience for the novice writer., , , , , , , For experienced book reviewers, however, it may be their altruistic commitment to scholarship and the honor of being asked to review a book that may motivate them.

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So this is pretty much what I look for in a good book review. Most avid readers tend to review a book on Amazon or Goodreads almost as soon as they finish it and it really doesn't take a lot of planning to write a review, just a few minutes of anybody's time. But its bound to help hundreds of people who're not bibliophiles with time on their hanis, but just come looking for a good book to read in the time they get.

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We have a book corner with 50 new books. To encourage more reading each child will review a book and suggest which child would enjoy it!

If you review an older book, your review has a greater burden to bear, because it has to be compelling enough to justify running compared to previously existing reviews. That is, please don't review . On the other hand, feel free to review (including DVD of unreleased sit-com pilot based on the book, and a sample of William Gibson's DNA)* on its own merits. Special editions, annotated versions, re-issues, retrospectives, etc. can make an older book worth reviewing -- but take into account both the differences or improvements and the context, not just the bare original text.