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This video points out important considerations when considering the purchase of the QuickBooks Online application from Intuit.
Remote access to your data file may not be the answer...
QuickBooks Online prices may vary between the USA and Canada. Check for any discounts available.
The Online software application appears compatible with most internet browsers; although there have been reported cases of problems with Firefox.
QuickBooks Online is user friendly, but still needs some practice learning to navigate to the various menus. The setup is smooth and simple with easy to follow instructions. The information is well organized. A sidebar allows the user to navigate between home, customers, vendors, employees, transactions, reports, taxes and apps.
There have been a few problems with the QuickBooks Online version, including the "pay now" button on the invoices, user restriction controls not working, recurring invoices. However, Intuit is constantly working on improving their product and should soon have these issues resolved.
QuickBooks Online backups up the data automatically, thus minimizing the risks of losing your data.
There are 3 levels of the software starting with the simple start version, next level is call "essentials" and the most sophisticated level is labelled the "Plus".
There is a 30 day trial available; however, be careful that you do not loose your best discount deal by taking the trial. You can always cancel your subscription if you do not like the software.

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