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Unlike other sites where the articles are written by bloggers or professional book reviewers, Story Snoops offers content directly from parents that have read the books to their own kids.

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This column is not a book review. I will leave that to the professional book reviewers. This is my personal observations after reading Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzili’s book about Steve Jobs. It comes from a prism of following Apple since 1981 and includes some of my own dealings with Jobs during that time.

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We know that it is hard enough to write, edit and then publish your book or ebook, let alone get a professional book review. We offer indie published authors or published authors an honest and tactful book review within 4-6 weeks. **You can now list your ebook and have it reviewed on TBR**Professional Book Reviews are key to having a library of materials in your hands to help build student achievement, promote richer teaching techniques and further develop self-reflection skills.Beware of taking book reviews too seriously as critiques. Particularly unprofessional book reviews, which are often what appears on the net and in amateur "zines." (I have, BTW, been a professional book reviewer for several well-regarded magazines.) Unprofessional book reviewers make many errors of their own, including:> Hey Neil,
> Thought you would be interested in the most recent 3-4 reviews since your posted review on AMAZON. My publicist and Literary Agent investigated all of my 75 5-star reviews for an upcoming interview with the NY Times and discovered that 51 of them came from professional book reviewers. They are attempting to get your review REMOVED from Amazon and to warn other authors. Did you really dislike this story that much?