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3. Go over each topics listed in the specification. First, use the princeton review mcat book since it explains the best. It has most of the topics, if not all, that are coverd by the DAT. If you don’t understand a topic, try the kaplan book. If you still don’t understand it, get your textbook out and figure them out somehow. But I doubt you will have to use the textbook besdies for practice problems.

At just over $20 for each book, the Princeton Review MCAT book series are highly worth the money.

The Princeton Review Complete MCAT Book is designed to be an all in one comprehensive MCAT book, for the 2016 MCAT.


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The Princeton Review MCAT Review Books are part of our Best MCAT Book (pre+post 2015 MCAT) Review. See where it stacks up!

The Princeton Review MCAT Review Book 2010 series was written for the old MCAT, however they are still perfect for the science section of the new MCAT. Not much has changed for the 2015 MCAT in terms of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics, so these books are great if you’re looking to save a few bucks while still getting great content review.