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For the books, I would recommend the Kaplan comprehensive book. Its not quite as detailed as the Princeton Review books, but it is significantly easier to read, which is definitely important when you're studying for one test for so long.


The review sections are generally superfluous (unless you need a review of literary terms), but the practice tests are great, though they are slightly more difficult than the actual test in that they use more esoteric words (hey, better overprepared than under, right?). For best results, you may want to use it with the Princeton Review book (see below).

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Many users have been mildly disappointed with the review materials in the Princeton Review books.

Well it wasn’t a land slide, that’s for sure, and you can read what we had to say about the Kaplan books , but the Princeton Review books came on top due to the quality and similarity of the content review. Princeton Review has been known for providing only the most relevant information that you need to know for the MCAT, without skimping on explaining major concepts.

The new 2016 MCAT exam brings 3 new additions to the old MCAT: Psychology, Social and Biochemistry. Therefore, in the revised 2016 Princeton Review MCAT Book Series, students gain access to a whole new book and a biochemistry addition to the biology book.Good for acquiring a general knowledge of previously unknown material, however the Princeton Review book is required for more in-depth knowledge. Practice tests are much easier than the real thing.