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DLP projectors bring sights and sounds into the classroom and offer a visual source for practically any device you can connect. Students can connect a laptop to a projector to give a PowerPoint book report. Teachers can wirelessly connect state of the art TI calculators to a projector to work through complex calculations as a team. History class takes on a whole new dimension when you can provide a visual tour of historical events through the power of the internet.

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Windnagle has the students conduct their book discussions online, via postings to a discussion board, and encourages multi-media book reports. The students' final project will be a PowerPoint book report with hyperlinks; some will also use video.

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“He is the textbook case for the way teachers should be teaching to prepare their students for the 21st century,” wrote a parent. “In the first nine weeks of school, my son has already composed a PowerPoint book report and a video book, been a lawyer in a mock trial, acted in a rap video and filmed a Claymation animation video. That is some pretty techno-savvy work for fourth graders.