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Book reviews can appear in journals, magazines and newspapers as part of their regular features. Those that appear in journals share the same subject as their publication. They sometimes use the special language of their field, and include interpretations and in depth analyses. Popular book reviews appear in magazines and newspapers. They are written for the general reader.

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"Printed Matter'' was a column on books and authors written by Elisabeth Sherwin in Davis (Calif.) California. Sherwin's popular book reviews and author interviews are available for syndication and was carried in several other Northern California newspapers in addition to The Davis Enterprise including the Fairfield Daily Republic, theWinters Express and the Placerville Mountain-Democrat. Please send e-mail inquiries to: .

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It’s December—time for year-end roundups. In this article, I’m highlighting the five most popular book reviews posted on this blog.

Lionel Trilling was diagnosed with a rapid moving cancer in spring of 1975. His health quickly declined and he passed away in November of that same year. Despite this personal tragedy, Diana Trilling continued to write. Two years after his death, she published a retrospective of her time at Radcliffe College and the impression that coeducation made on the students of the mid-1970s called That same year Trilling began editing a twelve-volume uniform edition of her husband's works. This project lasted until 1979. In between, she pulled together some of her more popular book reviews and published Other publications include a nonfiction analysis of a 1981 Westchester murder trial entitled and a 1993 memoir of her marriage,