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Poker books are one of the most important tools needed to improve your poker game. Of course you do not have to read a poker book to . But if you want to play winning poker and if you want to master this game, then . That's why Casinator brings you the best poker books review.

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Poker books –This page contains poker book reviews. The reviews are of both beginner books and the more "heavy duty" books. Beginner books will typically focus on poker rules and beginner tips, while the "heavier" books assume you know the basics and are ready to go one step further. You are welcome to write your opinion about any poker books you have read. You can do this in our poker forum, which has a section on poker books. We currently have more than 40 poker book forums.

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Consider the effect that reading could have on your play. If you're interested, leaf through some online poker book reviews and find the right book that works for you.