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PhotoBox Pantone Photo Book Review - PhotoBox has partnered with Pantone to launch a range of A4 photo books and we've designed our own to see how good this new design-focused range really is.

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If you want to showcase your best photos or create a truly personal gift, self-publishing your own photo book is a wonderful option. Here we offer photo book reviews for six of the best self-publishing options online.Putting together your own book can be very easy. Depending on the level of control you want to take over design, you could have your book ready to order in just a few minutes.Of course, you can also spend a lot longer putting a book together to make it look exactly as you want – after all, detail is everything. Most self-publishing companies require you to download a desktop program, which you can then use to arrange the book into whatever configuration suits you best.Some companies allow you to market your book for sale online, or transform it into an electronic book to download for tablets and so on. This is a good way to gain some extra revenue, or a simple way for friends and family to get their own copy.Prices quoted are for the books we ordered, but a variety of different prices is available for each manufacturer, depending on factors such as size, paper stock and delivery options. The prices do not exclude delivery.
A4, 28pp £32.65, $51
Blurb was one of the pioneers of self-publishing and has established itself as one of the biggest players in the market.Downloading and using Blurb software is quick and easy, and there’s full customisation of design, with templates also available for instant use.When it comes to ordering your book, several paper and cover options are available. We chose the ProLine Pearl Photo Paper, which produced lovely colours but in some places image sharpness was less than ideal.We created a photo cover, rather than a dust jacket, which you can customise with more than one photo and include text for whatever finish you prefer. You can also put the title on the book’s spine.VerdictPros… Lots of flexibility, easy-to-use software, speedy delivery.
Cons… ProLine paper lacks sharpness, pricy express delivery.
WE say… Blurb offers the best software in the group, making laying a page out a doddle.Score: 4/5


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Notes: Sancari’s photobook revolves around identity and memory and the way both are mingled and affected by each other over time and space. She examines the thin and elusive line that barely separates memories and fiction. Moisés is a poignant typology of portraits of men in their 70´s, the age of Sancari’s father if he were alive today. The two interior print blocks face each other and although there is a specific sequence to the interleaving, the pages can be re-mixed, re-sequenced and shuffled like a deck a cards by the reader to create new and alternative narratives. A lot of designers are really pushing the book design space today, sometimes with disastrous results. That is not the case with this book. This photobook is a very intriguing concept that is well executed and which works very nicely for me, bordering on brilliant in its simplicity!