That is great in the PE review book category

This one is rated a wee bit below average for these NCEES sample questions and solutions books. But, it remains a great rating compared to ratings for PE exam review books. If you plan to take the Mechanical Systems and Materials exam, buy this one.

PE Exam Review for Mechanical Systems and Materials PE Review Book for ME PDF

"During the PE exam, I noticed that I was the only candidate without the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual. At the lunch break, I asked to examine a copy and immediately discovered the best PE review book I've ever seen. How I wish the PE review class I enrolled in had used MERM instead of the book they selected! (I did use your FE review book and pass the FE exam on the first try.)" --Virgil Cochran

IIE sells a PE review book by Young and Kennedy

Solve as many problems from practice examples of PE review book by Micheal Lindburg.

IIE sells a PE review book by Young and Kennedy. It's not bad. But it is also not good. Unfortunately, since it is the only IE PE review book out there it is all you've got in that department.