Should Authors Pay for Book Reviews

When I launched my first book, I paid for a professional review— sort of. And while my story is just one more anecdote, perhaps it can help new authors have a better understanding of the dilemmas they can create by paying for book reviews.

Should You Pay for a Book Review? | Self Publishing Advisor

I am participating in some heated discussion on LinkedIn regarding whether authors should pay for book reviews. Some of the owners and participants of book publishing review sites are touting how valuable the pay for review services are to authors. I openly disagree with their ideas and statements.

Crime Fiction Dossier: Paying for book reviews

Do you pay for book reviews?

Sick of editors thinking a free book is ample paying for your book review? Here Hope Clark offers the serious book reviewer 80+ publications that pay for book reviews. Never look at book reviews the same again after you read this guide on submitting quality book reviews and book review pitches to editors.