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Paper bag book reports: step 5

Finally, you reach the most fascinating stage of preparing your paper bag book report. Inside of the paper bag, put various items related to the main events of the book, its characters, etc. You can either draw something, or put small dolls, any other objects.

If you have not decided on the book yet, try our tips for writing .

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Reading Lesson Plan: Paper Bag Book Reports

Mrs. Brown - Paper Bag Book Report - November

Are you struggling with another book report? Yes, we agree that it is a bit boring task, even if you like the book you are writing about. Anyway, time is ticking, and the earlier you start making your book report, the better for you.

By the way, do you remember making paper bag book reports in elementary or secondary school? It is a sure bet that paper bag book reports were one of your favorite assignments. What we advise you to do now is to recall all the peculiarities of preparing a paper bag book report and get down to work. After all, who cares in what form you will make the report. It is more important that you complete the task properly and hand it in on time.

We are glad to help you a little and remind the basic rules of making paper bag book reports.

Paper bag book reports: rule 1

First, get a paper bag. Go to the local shop or try to make your own one using brown paper.

Paper bag book reports: rule 2

On the front side of the bag, put the title of the book, author’s name, and some publication details. Try to draw something, for instance a cover page of the book as you see it or your favorite character.

Paper bag book reports: rule 3

On the back side, you have to write the report itself. To make your work more convenient, write everything on a piece of paper and then glue it or scotch-tape to the back side of the paper bag.

Paper bag book reports: rule 4

On the left and right sides of the paper bag book report, you should also draw something. It can be some scenes from the book, or illustrations of the main characters, or the author’s portrait.

Finally, do not forget to fill in your paper bag book report with various items related to the book and its plot. Here, you can read about and .