Paid Book Reviews and Potential Google Penalties

No. We do not pay for book reviews! Our review team pitches your book to Amazon reviewers, bloggers and book review sites. The only “compensation” they receive is a copy of your book. Book review sites have gotten some bad press recently and, in some cases, it’s well-deserved. However, there are hundreds of book reviewers and bloggers out there willing to support a new author without getting paid. We consider paid book reviews to be advertising. That’s not a service we provide!

You’ve clarified in my mind why I’ve always been suspicious of paid book reviews. I won’t use them.

When savvy networkers calculate the cost and value of both approaches, it might just be that for many authors, paying for a review is more cost effective than asking for the favor. Perhaps that's why the business of the paid book review persists.

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Paid Book Reviews-- What Do You Think? - Book Blogs

I saw this article today in the New York Times about this guy who set up a business doing paid book reviews for a fee and I thought I’d talk about it. I thought it was quite fitting considering I have just done my first book review on Rude Retro: .