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@cafe41 – I remember doing oral book reports in school. One report involved actually dressing up like the character in the book and speaking from their point of view. Everyone enjoyed this, because all of us looked odd and were really into character.

It depends on the grade, but my son was asked to do an oral book report on his favorite book.

The Oral Book Report
- Concepts introduced:
The DOs and DON’Ts of giving an oral presentation with slides
- Activity:
Watch video lecture on PowerPoint presentations
(link to slides; kids watch a video)
- Final Product (100 pt total):
PowerPoint presentation of book

The Research Paper
- Concepts introduced:
How to write a research paper
(link to mixed-up formal outline activity)
- Activity:
Expanded version of our “Teaching the Research Paper” unit including video lectures
Students write an informative research paper on a famous author
- Final Product (100 pt total):
An argumentative research paper on the book, defending a thesis

Each student is required to give ONE ORAL BOOK REPORT PER TRIMESTER

He had to follow a specific procedure in preparing the oral book report.

(which should be available spring of 2014) will incorporate two smaller courses that Analytical Grammar produced a few years ago, and as well as a unit on the Oral Book Report. In , the essay and research paper courses will now have video instruction. The essay course teaches personal, literary, and “issues” essays. (An issue essay is the type used by the SAT.) Students will write essays on short stories and a final essay on a book of their choosing. The research paper component teaches all of the steps in writing research papers. Students write a research paper on a famous author and another on a book, defending the thesis of the book. As students work through the Oral Book Report unit, they learn the basics of giving oral presentation, practice critiqueing presentations by Erin Karl, and present an oral book report using PowerPoint slides. will take the longest to complete as you would expect for a high school level course.