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A good alternative to starting a blog is to become a guest writer on another review site. If you aren't able to commit the time to running your own website, there are usually plenty of other sites that are looking for online book reviewers. Guest writers sometimes receive special perks, such as advance copies of new book releases. More often than not, book reviewers work on a volunteer basis, but it may be possible to move up the ranks as time progresses. At the very least, guest reviewing gives you an online outlet for your reviews so that you can gain exposure and make connections.

Online Book Reviews for Independent Authors

I was personally unimpressed by the way Bill Butler spoke about his wife, Simonne, and did not mention her role in their survival, except as a complainer and the butt of his own self-deprecating jokes. One would think she did nothing during the journey but complain, or occasionally bail the raft and make obvious suggestions. Then again, I wasn’t there with them in the raft so who knows? And I didn’t read the book, although a few of the online book reviewers had similar issues about its contents. One public reviewer said it bored him or her so much it made them want to jump overboard and face the sharks rather than endure another minute of the story—and the tedious raft ride.

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The NetGalley community—100,000 and growing—reaches librarians, booksellers, educators, media professionals, book reviewers and highly influential online book reviewers and bloggers. If you’ve heard any news about the publishing industry recently, it’s that the blogosphere can launch an obscure title to the top of the bestseller list when something catches their eye (*ahem* Fifty Shades of Grey.) NetGalley becomes a valuable tool by allowing online reviewers and bloggers to discover our titles based on their interests. Many successful blog tours have started by contacting bloggers who requested our titles through NetGalley.