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And it’s these kinds of used titles where you really have to struggle to find good recommendations. There are a few decent websites that can point you towards cool older books – is a particular favorite of mine – but, otherwise, you’re mostly just going to be relying on old book reviews, bookstore browsing, and vague memories of books that you used to read as a kid. I’m always hunting around for used finds to add to my daughter’s library, so I thought, every now and again, I’d highlight certain titles that I discovered in the universe of used books.

6 year old book review Rainbow Fairy

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Jesus Through Pagan Eyes (OLD Book Review)

Toss the Sprue Two and Old Book Reviews Too

Peter Oresick, a Pittsburgh poet and teacher of writing, has recently extended the list from 300 to 1,200 novels, searching for titles in library stacks, old book reviews, Library of Congress records, etc. In 2013 Oresick began posting these titles, along with insightful comments on each book and its author, on the new blog listed above. Included are novels of practically all genres and sub-genres, including 19th Century "dime" adventure novels, French & Indian War novels, detective and mystery novels, children’s literature, and a wide range of "literary fiction" topped by such well-known books as Marcia Davenport’s best-selling The Valley of Decision (1942) and Thomas Bell’s marvelous novel of immigrant steelworkers, Out of This Furnace (1941). The entire list eventually will be published by Carnegie Mellon University Press as The Pittsburgh Novel: An Annotated Bibliography of Western Pennsylvania Fiction, 1792-2012.