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In addition to blog posts along the way, official book reviews will be posted both here and on Amazon. I have added a place in the sidebar to easily find out where I am am in my journey and how to access all the content it produces. Here we go!

The Official RT Book Reviews Holiday Gift Guide | RT Book Reviews

This is one of the special website that is dedicated for horror fictions with horror graphics. By far, this is the best website that can be found for this subject matter. Monolith Graphics offers its users a variety of resources such as books, dark realms, journals, music CDs, gothic tarot, calendars, posters, t-shits, stickers and so on.
When it comes to commercial products such as books, Monolith Graphics facilitates a service where users can directly order from the web. In addition to that, users can also read story excerpts, official book reviews, and fan comments of the books. This definitely allows users to get to know the value of the book before making the purchase.

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