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Side note: I resent the fact that you believe that a reader who does read the NYT book reviews and then reads the reviewed book, is doing so because a “literary expert telling them they should feel these things”.

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Hedrick gave us a tour of the long sun-lit store, stopping to straighten displays and point out some of her favorite sidelines. She travels to New York and Seattle for gift shows and is a gift buyer at heart, with a taste for the high-end stuff, which suits her location. She loves blocks and organic cotton and wooden toys from (check out ) and prominently displays purses made from NYT book reviews from and the store’s bestselling sidelines, tiny buttons from in Portland and local yoga guru and Iconoclast regular ‘s yoga dvd’s.


I read a very favorable review of the Oliver Sachs memoir in one of the NYT book reviews and would like to read it.

I missed all that Goodreads drama too--now I'm curious, will have to go back and read about it. But: maybe Goodreads is a scarier force to be reckoned with these days because it's so accessible, and people *do* say what they'd likely say to a friend about a book. That has always been more powerful for me than an official review--if a friend says I'll really like such and such book and here's why. I don't read the NYT book reviews (I used to read the Washington Post section when we lived there until it went away in print, and I am not as likely to seek it out online) but I sure do look at my friends' reviews (and strangers, too) of books on Goodreads.