The New York Times Art Director: Nicholas Blechman. NYT Book Review

We now hear that many companies are cutting back or ceasing funding of all/most psychotropic drug development. My immediate reaction is that hardly matters, since they only contributed a small share to research anyway, like barely 10%, e.g. see Light & Morgan (1, 2), for discussion and an independent estimate. Most major advances occur by serendipity, not by direct research. Meanwhile, to update matters relating to Pharmaceutical company influence and bias, and comment about it, see refs and read Angell’s piece in the 2009 NY book review Marcia Angell (3).

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Although I love books, I don't have much time to read these days. The NYT Book Review podcast allows me to keep up-to-date with newly published books through interviews of a book's author or reviewer. Worth far more than the 20 minutes it takes to listen to it. I've been able to identify several great books to send as gifts by listening to the Review Podcast over the last couple of months. This is my favorite of the 10-12 podcasts I listen to weekly.

Ray Bradbury drawing from the NY Times Book Review.

Soros and the issue of market fundamentalism in NY Book Review - link it to  - David M. Gordon

I’ll be honest…the King intro drew me in. The publisher released his intro as a column in NY Book Review. I know he’s paid, but still means a lot coming from The Master. :-)