Fabulous cover artwork for the New York Times book review, by .

Why are 90% of the books reviewed by the New York Times Book Review from white authors? What's going on behind the scenes to create such an unrepresentative body of reviews for an increasingly diverse nation of consumers?

The best book covers of the year, as chosen by the art director of The New York Times Book Review.

he World Wide Web is a glorious collection of the best that has been thought and said, especially if it involves Free Mortgage Advice 4 U! or sexual positions that approach the purely theoretical. In addition, however, the Web is home to hundreds of sites that talk about, pick on, poke at and generally mull over books, writers and writing. It would be impossible to list, much less describe, all of these destinations, but the following guide should provide you with an introduction to literary life on the Web; where you go from here is your own business. The sites of print publications (like The New York Times Book Review) have been excluded to allow more space for pure creatures of the Internet.

The New York Times Book Review, May 23, 2010

The year’s best books, selected by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.

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